Jeff Bezos has unveiled an ambitious vision for a future where people live on huge space colonies near Earth.

The Amazon CEO and world’s richest person described his plans to build the infrastructure to allow future generations to live in space at an event announcing a moon lander called Blue Moon.

Bezos’ plan involves building “enormous, rotating habitats in space”, according to reporter Jacqueline Klimas.

Enormous? Rotating habitat? In space?!

It sounds ridiculous… if only we had one of them…

Oh yeah, that's what we already live on.

Twitter users weren’t very convinced by the idea.

And if Bezos has enough money to launch a space project, surely he has enough money to pay his Amazon employees a better wage?

Or help pay for public services in his own country?

Bezos said the plan was inspired by the fact that we are running out of resources on Earth.

He also said that he wants to help humanity expand to a trillion people, as if the problem with humans is that there aren't enough of us already...

The announcement caught the attention of Elon Musk, founder of aerospace manufacturer​ SpaceX, who replied with this cryptic tweet.

While some people were getting excited about the plans, Blue Moon will probably be a bigger help to Bezos' businesses than humanity in general.

So although space colonies might sound like a utopian future, it’ll probably just end up meaning we have Amazon warehouses on the moon.

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