A woman who was arrested for storming the Capitol during the pro-Trump riot that broke out last week has decided to go on national TV in a quest to get herself pardoned.

Jenna Ryan, a realtor based in Frisco, Texas, reportedly took a private jet to Washington DC with the intention of participating in the protest against the election result, and documented her trip on social media.

Ryan posted a number of pictures to her social media, including a smiling selfie in front of a broken window in the Capitol building, saying in her caption that “if the news doesn’t stop lying about us we’re going to come after their studios next.”

She reportedly referred to the events as “one of the best days of my life”.

In a video she posted to social media, Ryan can be heard saying: “We are armed and we are dangerous. This is just the beginning!”

In a televised interview with CBS Local, Ryan – who spoke from her doorstep – said:

“I don’t feel a sense of shame or guilty from my heart. I feel like I was basically following my president. I was following what we were called to do. He asked us to fly there. He asked us to be there. So I was doing what he asked us to do.”

She went on to say that she thought she deserved a pardon from the president, and that it was in fact her who was deserving of sympathy because her business was struggling as a result of her actions.

She added that she didn’t realise the riot was violent and apologised to “the families that are affected by any of the negative environment”.

"I’d just like to say I really love people and I am not a villain that a lot of people would make me out to be, or people think I am, because I was a Trump supporter at the Capitol,” she added.

Pleading with the president to pardon her, Ryan said: “I think we all deserve a pardon. I’m facing a prison sentence. I think I do not deserve that and from what I understand, every person is going to be arrested that was there, so I think everyone deserves a pardon, so I would ask the President of the United States to give me a pardon.”

One police officer and four rioters were killed at the Capitol. Hundreds of case files have been opened and the FBI has arrested over 100 people.

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