Jeremy Clarkson accused of helping contestant on Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?

If we had the chance to win a lot of money and all we had to do is answer one multiple-choice question the last person that we would turn to is Jeremy Clarkson.

However, the 58-year-old is the current host of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? so his relationship with big money and challenging is practically inseparable.

Yet, as the host, he really shouldn't be helping the contestants out, which is something that he has been accused of on a recent episode of the quiz show.

After a contestant on the show named Seville, got stuck on the £16,000 question she began to eat through her lifelines to find the answer. The question was:

Which of these mountains is not climbed in the National Three Peaks Challenge?

After using the 50/50 lifeline she was left with the options of Helvellyn and Scafell Pike, however, that didn't really help her as she admitted that she hadn't heard of half of the mountains.

She then decided to phone her friend Graham to see if he knew the answer and to be honest, that only made matters worse.

Rather than clearly answering the question, Graham said that 'Scafell Pike is climbed' which seemed to confuse Seville as she thought that Scafell Pike was the answer.

Clarkson noticed what was going on and pointed out that Graham said that the mountain 'was climbed' and seemed to indicate that Helvellyn was the answer as that wasn't climbed.

However, Clarkson, presumably with a producer yelling in his ear, tried to correct himself by saying that he has a "head like a colander. Everything just leaks out.'

After this assistance, Seville changed her answer to Helvellyn and duly got the question right however people weren't happy with Clarkson's intervention, with some claiming that it was a fix.

Whilst it wasn't the most clearly worded of questions, Clarkson was only helping out and didn't exactly tell her the answer so it's not worth getting too wound up about.

Plus, it's nowhere near as bad as this poor chap in America who got the very first question on the show wrong.

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