Jeremy Corbyn has just been accused of being a Thatcherite sell-out. Yes, really

Jeremy Corbyn has just been accused of being a Thatcherite sell-out. Yes, really

Jeremy Corbyn and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell have been accused of being neoliberal, Thatcherite sell-outs. Yes, really.


Remember when Jeremy Corbyn refused to sing the national anthem?

Or what about McDonnell literally throwing Chairman Mao's Little Red Book across the despatch box in the House of Commons last year?

Corbyn even reiterated a number of his key policies in the Fabian Conference in January this year, including the re-nationalisation of railways, universal healthcare and the repeal of the Trade Union Act.

All pretty left-wing policies you may think.

And yet, the World Socialist Website has written a scathing editorial on Corbyn's time in charge so far:

The most recent example of Corbyn’s abandonment of all of his campaign promises was the pro-austerity pledge made earlier this month by his closest political ally, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell. McDonnell’s statements had more in common with the economic nostrums of Margaret Thatcher than even the thin gruel of mid-twentieth century Labour Party reformism.

His statements on economic policy are in line with an unbroken chain of reversals by Corbyn of the pledges on which he was elected, carried out in the name of preserving 'party unity' — that is, capitulating to the party’s right-wing on all fundamental issues.

The article goes on to compare Corbyn's Labour to Greece's "cowardly" Syriza government:

There is a stark symmetry between the treacherous and cowardly course of Corbyn’s tenure and the betrayal carried out by the Syriza government in Greece, which similarly repudiated all of its campaign promises and imposed a European Union austerity package more savage than those that had preceded it. It is as if the fake-left Labour Party leader were following a script penned by his brother in arms Alexis Tsipras.

However Corbyn’s popularity with Labour Party members seems to be going from strength-to-strength, with a YouGov study finding that 72 per cent of members approved of his leadership - higher than when he took power - last month.

There's just no pleasing some people.

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