People think Jeremy Corbyn turned a corner last night


Jeremy Corbyn’s defining personality trait, his downfall as leader, the reason for last year’s in-fighting and second leadership election, all effectively boils down to one commonly held belief: that he isn’t media-savvy, or strong enough to be Prime Minister.

In March, a YouGov poll showed only 13 per cent of Brits thought Corbyn would make a better prime minister than Theresa May.

Another poll found he was less popular than Donald Trump. During his year-and-a-half at the front of the Labour Party, he's often been accused of being the worst leader ever.

It's no coincidence that the Islington North MP has also been victim of extremely biased media coverage.

But things could finally be looking up for Corbyn, and with the general election looming, Labour supporters are feeling more optimistic about his chances.

During his interview with Jeremy Paxman last night, the Labour leader was praised for being up-front, honest and un-politican-like in the best way possible - which is particularly handy when Theresa May appears to have chosen 'malfunctioning robot' as her election campaigning style.

People online are very impressed:

And, as Theresa May was grilled by Paxman separately, many comparisons were drawn:

So it's all going pretty well for Corbyn today:

No new polls have been published since the debate yet, but watch this space.

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