Pictures: Channel Four/The Last Leg
Pictures: Channel Four/The Last Leg

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was on Channel 4's The Last Leg on Friday night. He rolled up in a white Bentley, a tuxedo, and a fur coat.

As you do.

Corbyn's throwing of a feather-brimmed hat into the race to be the next James Bond did not go unnoticed.

Between making light of his divided party and the perception he has no sense of humour, he talked to the satirical show's hosts about his position on the EU, describing it as about a "seven and a half out of ten" in terms of enthusiasm:

[David Cameron] wants a Europe for the free market, he wants a Europe dominated by global corporations. I suspect he wants to sign the Transatlantic Investment Partnership.

I want to see a Europe that is about social cohesion, that is about better human rights, that is about workers' rights, that is also about taking a European approach to helping victims of wars who are going through the most appalling situation on the borders of Europe at the moment. There has to be a humanitarian response.

Ours is a Labour agenda for the EU we want to see.

Watch the full video, below:

He also responded to Tony Blair's criticism of Corbyn's humanitarian record:

I'm waiting for the Chilcot report to come out, but I believe an arrangement was made between the British government and the US government in 2002 which led us into the Iraq war in 2003 with no long term plan.

We've had a devastating series of wars ever since then, we have destruction all over the Middle East as a result of that war, I was absolutely opposed to the Iraq War.

Most people on Twitter seemed to think he did a decent job on the show.

So, all in all, nice one Jezza.

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