Jeremy Hunt embarrasses himself in post about mental health

Emma Snaith
Monday 09 September 2019 08:00
Picture:(Peter Summers/Getty Images Europe/Twitter)

Even after returning to the backbenches after rejecting a job in Boris Johnson's cabinet, Jeremy Hunt has managed to score a spectacular own goal after tweeting about about the state of child mental health services.

The former longest-serving health secretary since the NHS was created is also one of the most controversial. Between 2012 and 2018 he oversaw the first all-out strike by doctors over junior doctors pay, as well as historically low funding increases for hospitals and worsening waiting times for emergency treatment.

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAHMS) also fell under his purview during his time as health minister, a fact that didn't escape unnoticed by Twitter.

On Saturday, Hunt tweeted:

Watching my son play his first matches with Milford Pumas have just been approached by another Dad about problems accessing much more to do on mental health really hope some of the extra NHS cash goes towards it

People on Twitter were quick to point out that Hunt had served as health secretary for six years

Others blamed the former health secretary for overseeing significant cuts to child mental health services during his tenure

And one person even reimagined what Hunt really meant to say.

Looks like leaving government hasn't made Jeremy Hunt any less immune to putting his foot in it.

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