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Parents are supposed to encourage their children to follow their dreams.

Right-wing talk show host Jesse Kelly has a more unconventional approach to raising his son.

Kelly angered Twitter users on Sunday night with a series of tweets that appeared to mock "his son” for going to a Lego robotics tournament.

Why the quotation marks? Because Kelly has a history of trolling people and suggested the whole thing was a joke yesterday.

He does appear to have a son, according to a post on his Facebook page about his baptism, and referenced “a long boring day of kids sports ahead” in the hours before the robotics tweet.

So who knows? Maybe Kelly’s been playing the long game, or maybe he’s just trying to own the post after it received an angry backlash from other users.

The problem is it’s not entirely clear what the joke is here.

Is it that children who like robotics are inherently funny?

Or is it funny that people think you’re a bad parent for mocking your child on social media?

Either way, Kelly looks pretty bad.

When the post started to get some attention from Buzzfeed, Kelly seemed to admit he’d been joking.

Of course, people can be pretty gullible and overreact on the internet.

But if people believe you’re the sort of person who would make fun of their son on Twitter that reflects worse on you than them.

Jesse Kelly's "I'm a bad father" performance art piece looks like it'll be continuing until further notice.

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