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When attending a job interview, you know you're going to be judged on your skills and experience - but what you might not know, is that you're also being judged on whether or not you write a thank-you email after.

At least this is true for one executive manager, who is getting criticised on Twitter, after she wrote an article about how after 10 years in her job, she still sticks by one golden rule: If a candidate doesn't write a thank-you email after an interview, that candidate doesn't get hired.

Jessica Liebman, who is the executive managing editor of Insider Inc. said this "golden rule" helped her discover who were the "good eggs", because it proved that "the candidate is eager, organised, and well mannered enough to send the note". Even if you don't have the interviewer's email address, Liebman says you should still "hunt" it down to "show resourcefulness".

But while this might be her tactic, most of the internet seemed to disagree with her, and so, some glorious memes were born.

And a lot of people were just angry about the whole thing

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