There were many unusual moments during the second night of the Democratic debates and if what we have seen so far it's going to be a very long ordeal.

Beside Kamala Harris amazing speech on racism and Marianne Williamson's bizarre ramblings, Joe Biden attracted some attention for his bizarre hand gestures.

As is common with these things, there is often a lot of hand raising but Biden doesn't seem to have quite mastered that art, barely raising his hand above his shoulder.

The former vice president did this for two different questions: on insurance coverage for undocumented immigrants and decriminalising crossing the border.

The hesitation from the 76-year-old was clear to see and it soon inspired a lot of jokes and questions on Twitter.

It wasn't just Biden's own hands that were giving him trouble. In a brief moment, he found his personal space being invaded by a stray Bernie Sanders' hand which prompted a puzzled reaction.

HT Daily Dot

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