Joe Biden calls for rave venues to be 'bulldozed' and organisers put in jail in bizarre resurfaced footage

Joe Biden calls for rave venues to be 'bulldozed' and organisers put in jail in bizarre resurfaced footage

In 'news you didn't think you'd read today', it turns out that Joe Biden really, really, hates EDM (electronic dance music), and raves. Yep, watch out if you're neon-clad and sweaty.

On Wednesday, a Twitter user by the name of Nando Orvila shared a clip of the 2020 presidential candidate hopeful railing against EDM nearly two decades ago.

In the clip, dating back to 2001, Biden can be heard saying:

I would be passing new ordinances, relating to stiff criminal penalties, for anyone who held a rave. 

The promoter, the guy who owned the building, I would put the son of a gun in jail! 

I would change the law!

In another clip, he then seems to think that the raves are occurring in the middle of the desert, like a huge Burning Man situation:

There is no doubt about where these raves are. In the middle of the desert! 

Arrest the promoter. Find a rationale unrelated to drugs. 

For example, I'm the guy who brought through the Crack House legislation. We can use the Crack House legislation to tear down these buildings! 

Finally, he goes in with the big guns:

Bulldoze it down! Literally, not figuratively!

Yep, Biden definitely, definitely doesn't like raves!

Sharing the clip to Twitter, Nando wrote:

Wow Joe Biden really doesn’t like EDM

Biden had been speaking at a hearing, hosted by the Senate Caucus on International Narcotics Control, in support of bipartisan legislation he introduced, known as RAVE, or the 'Reducing Americans' Vulnerability to Ecstacy Act', in an effort to crack down on ecstasy, reports the Daily Dot.

Many other social media users loved the clip, and one even recreated it into a catchy techno track. How very apt.

How... catchy...

Others made 'Crackhouse Revival Tour' jokes.

Joe 'the funcrusher' Biden...

Tear down this rave!

Smash it up!

Imagine if he absolutely hated... ska?

America has a lot of problems, and politicians are focusing on... raves!?

Vote Biden! The 'anti-fun' candidate!

HT Daily Dot

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