Joe Biden just confused his wife for his sister and it was very, very awkward

James Besanvalle
Wednesday 04 March 2020 09:30

As Joe Biden racked up wins across the US states during Super Tuesday, he’d be forgiven for his head being a little all over the place.

Especially because, as Biden said at his rally in Los Angeles last night:

Just a few days ago, the press… had declared the campaign dead!

But to confuse your wife with your sister? That seems a bit... extreme.

While giving a speech, Biden's wife Jill was standing to his right, while his sister Valerie, on his left.

But he turned around to Jill and said:

By the way, this is my sister, Valerie!

As soon as her husband got her identity wrong, she waved her hand in disagreement and protested.

Biden, realising his mistake, immediately said:

Oh no! They switched on me. This is my wife and this is my sister.

The response on social media was a lot of secondhand embarrassment:

The gaffe came about after President Donald Trump slammed the former VP on Twitter for his history of mixing things up. (See: getting the number of people who have been killed by guns wildly wrong or claiming he's running for the senate.)

Using his long-running nickname for Biden, ‘Sleepy Joe’, Trump tweeted:

Let’s be honest though, it’s not like Donald Trump is without his own embarrassing moments.

Just yesterday, he asked if people could be protected from coronavirus by getting normal flu shots.

Or when he tweeted the winners of the Super Bowl but named the wrong state.