President Trump called Joe Biden a "low I.Q individual" after the former vice president accidentally revealed that he's probably running for president in 2020.

Taking to Twitter, Trump bashed Biden's inability to "deliver a very simple line", saying:

His aggressive words come after Biden had a slip of the tongue on Saturday when he accidentally told guests at the First State Democratic dinner in Dover, Delaware:

I have the most progressive record of anybody running for the — anybody who would run.

After cheers from the crowd, Biden backtracked quickly, raising his hands and laughing:

I didn't mean...Of anybody who would run

This is not the first dig Trump has taken at the former vice president. Last March, when he claimed he would "beat the hell" out of Trump for disrespecting women, Trump tweeted that Biden was:

...weak, both mentally and physically.

Watch out Trump, Joe is coming for you!

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