Shocking compilation shows just how much vaccine misinformation Joe Rogan has spread on his podcast

Video mash-up compares Joe Rogan’s apology to what he says on podcast
Instagram/Joe Rogan

The Joe Rogan controversy continues to rumble on, and now a new compilation video has been released showing times the commentator shared vaccine misinformation on his podcast.

Rogan and Spotify have come under fire recently, with music icons Neil Young and Joni Mitchell both deciding to remove music from the streaming platform after hosting anti-vaccine and coronavirus conspiracy theorists on his show.

Now, US media watchdog Media Matters has posted a new video putting together the times he has shared misinformation on his podcast.

“If you’re like 21-years-old and you say to me, should I get vaccinated, I’ll go, ‘No’,” he says in one clip.

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“It’s terrifying that they’re now trying to give it to children… and they’re trying to say that children need it when they don’t.”

He also likens the vaccine to “gene therapy” in the video, which lasts a whole three minutes and 14 seconds.

Media Matters wrote alongside the video: "Spotify paid Joe Rogan a reported $100 million to spread anti-vaccine pseudoscience and misinformation to his massive podcast audience."

Rogan reportedly received $100m (£77m) from Spotify for the rights to The Joe Rogan Experience podcast and has previously spoken about how he took ivermectin on the show, along with other treatments when he tested positive for Covid.

Ivermectin is approved to combat parasites and numerous neglected tropical diseases in animals and humans. There is no clinical trial evidence that the drug can help prevent Covid, but research is currently in the works, as expressed in a University of Oxford report.

It comes after Rogan interviewed Dr Robert Malone, who claimed that Americans were “hypnotised” into wearing masks and getting vaccines.

The host has been under fire over recent timesThe Joe Rogan Podcast

In an April 2021 episode of his podcast, Rogan also discouraged young people from getting vaccinated, stating: “If you’re like 21 years old, and you say to me, ‘Should I get vaccinated?’ I’ll go, no.”

He previously addressed the backlash to his comments, saying that he is “not an anti-vax person”.

“I believe they’re safe and encourage many people to take them,” Rogan said, although he refused to back down on claims that young people do not “need” the vaccine.

Rogan also recently uploaded a video addressing the controversy, saying he backed Spotify's decision to add disclaimers on certain episodes, while also stating that he would always look to book guests with diverse opinions.

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