John Cleese said he's 'too naughty' to be knighted and for once we agree with him

John Cleese said he's 'too naughty' to be knighted and for once we agree with him

John Cleese is at it again.

By “it” we mean saying ridiculous things in public, of course!

This time, Cleese has revealed that his “controversial” personality will means that he’ll never be knighted by the queen.

Speaking to Lorraine Kelly, he said:

I’m much too naughty and mischevious.

People like me don’t get knighted.

He continued:

I don’t think comedians should have knighthoods by and large […] Comedians are supposed to say things like, ‘Children are responsible for most of the misery in the world.’

We’re supposed to say controversial things because that makes us interesting and a totally agreeable comedian that only says nice things isn’t going to be funny.

Cleese is right about one thing – he’s not exactly well behaved. In fact, he’s got a history of saying offensive things – and that’s putting it lightly.

In May, Cleese was forced to insist he’s not racist after he said on Twitter that London is “not an English city anymore”.

Then he said he was leaving the UK and moving to the Caribbean to get away from Brexit, despite the fact he supports Brexit himself.

Then he was on Twitter downplaying colonialism and blaming it on “power hungry folk”. Unsurprisingly, he opted not to mention the British Empire’s white supremacist colonial legacy.

Then he decided to be sexist on The Graham Norton Show, saying he prefers dogs to cats because cats are “unpredictable and cussed, like women”.

That prompted follow guest Taylor Swift to say this:

So yeah, perhaps Cleese is right after all, because we don't see a knighthood in his future.

And thank goodness for that.

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