John Oliver's rant on the Brexit aftermath will make you want the ground to swallow you whole

John Oliver's rant on the Brexit aftermath will make you want the ground to swallow you whole

A few days before the EU referendum comedian John Oliver implored his fellow Britons from across the pond to vote Remain in the coming vote.

"There is an innate British desire to tell Europe to go f--k itself. I feel it too", he said. But the UK had become a "poisonous" place during the campaign thanks to the immigration rhetoric and false facts and figures bandied about by the Leave campaign.

[The EU] is a complicated, bureaucratic, ambitious, overbearing, inspirational and consistently irritating institution and Britain would be absolutely crazy to leave it.

As you can probably imagine, he didn't exactly have kind words for his countrymen on Last Week Tonight in the light of the chaos that has been unleashed following the Leave referendum win.

Even the name 'United Kingdom' is beginning to sound sarcastic, he began, before going in for the jugular on David Cameron:

That's right, David Cameron is stepping down in the wake of the vote, which should make me happy but in this situation it doesn't. It's like catching an ice cream cone out of the air because a child was hit by a car.

But before you have any sympathy for David Cameron, you should know this whole vote was his idea in the first place.

Nigel Farage ("three time cover model for Punchable Face magazine") and Boris Johnson ("a shaved orangutan with Owen Wilson’s hair") are the principal people we have to blame for this fine mess, though - especially since they're already taking back promises made during the campaign.

A Leave campaign favorite slogan was that June 23rd will be known in the future as 'Independence Day' - which Oliver has no truck with.

Britain was already independent. In fact, it’s what many other countries celebrate their independence from.

The sequel to the movie they’re quoting actually opened this week and features the wholesale destruction of London, which is beginning to feel pretty f-cking appropriate right now.

Oliver also doesn't pull any punches when it comes to the Regrexiters, as they've become known.

In a falsely soothing voice Oliver reassures those with buyer's remorse by saying:

Well, You're actually in luck because it turns out incredibly there is going to be another vote coming up, and it's happening one week from...

Before screaming down the camera:


If you feel like making your cheeks burn with patriotic embarrassment, the segment is below:

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