On Thursday night's edition of Question Time, the actor John Rhys-Davies shouted at Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas during a debate about Donald Trump.

When discussing the upcoming state visit of the president in June, Rhys-Davies banged his hands on the desk and yelled "oh woman" at Lucas after she claimed that Trump doesn't represent the American people because he didn't win the popular vote.

The Lord of the Rings actor was heavily criticised and mocked for his behaviour on social media, with some people even turning the moment into a joke to shame the Welsh actor even further.

Twitter Rhodri Mardsen, who you may remember from John Bercow meme fame, decided to mash up Rhys-Davies's rant with Adam and the Ants 1981 smash hit 'Prince Charming' and the results were quite spectacular.

The video quickly went viral and people couldn't get enough of it.

The love for the video has now extended to the Green Party's official Twitter account who retweeted the video with three hand clap emojis.

You hardly need us to tell you but if you are going to try and belittle anyone on live television, especially an elected MP, don't be surprised if there are some repercussions.

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