You might think that most people who watched the video of Tory MP Mark Field grabbing a female Greenpeace protestor as she interrupted a speech by Phillip Hammond were horrified by it.

Sadly, we are here to tell you to think again.

While nobody asked, Tory MP Johnny Mercer tried to weigh in on the debate by taking to social media to claim that he thought Field only "panicked", adding that if people thought this act was "serious violence", they would have to seriously "recalibrate your sensitivities".

His comments come after Field, who is the MP for cities of London and Westminster, was suspended from his post by Theresa May, who equally thought that the viral footage was disturbing.

The shocking incident occurred when Greenpeace staged a climate change protest at the Chancellor's annual Mansion House speech.

Luckily, the internet didn't hold back as Mercer soon felt the repercussions of his words.

What might be even more depressing, is that despite all the rage, Mercer didn't seem to get the memo, taking to Twitter again shortly after to tweet this:


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