People love this Jonathan Van-Tam quote about standing alone in a meadow to reduce Covid risk


Jonathan Van-Tam has just got sassy and some people love it.

Speaking during yet another coronavirus press conference yesterday, England’s deputy chief medical officer made a facetious comment about standing alone in a meadow forever to show that it is not feasible to completely avoid the risk of contracting coronavirus as the country reduces Covid restrictions once more.

He said:

People thought the idea of being in a meadow, alone and forever, didn’t sound like such a bad idea:

It comes as England marked so-called Freedom Day - the government’s latest relaxation of lockdown in which it is now legal to meet in unlimited groups inside. Nightclubs have reopened, jostling at the bar to get a drink instead of enjoying table service is back and masks will now be compulsory in fewer venues.

Some people thought Van-Tam’s rhetoric was wrong and that he was excusing the government too much. Some added that the public are not demanding that Covid is wiped out completely but still believe some measures , such as face masks, should be used to reduced the spread of the virus:

Whatever you think, 18 months of continual press conferences with Boris Johnson is probably enough to test the patience of anyone. At least JVT made this one slightly more entertaining.

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