Restaurant flooded with bad reviews after US politician praises ‘sick’ maskless waitress

Restaurant flooded with bad reviews after US politician praises ‘sick’ maskless waitress

A restaurant in Ohio has been pummeled with bad reviews after one of its customers – a US politician – put his foot in it.

Trump-supporting Senate candidate Josh Mandel visited Inside the Five brewery and decided to gush about his experience afterwards on Twitter.

His post consisted of a photo of himself with his arm around an unmasked waitress, whom he praised for coming into work despite feeling unwell.

Mandel wrote: “Even though Brianne was sick today, she came to work because she knew they were short servers.

“These are the type of American workers that make our country strong.”

The Republican’s attempt at a compliment was met with a fierce backlash online, as people shared their horror at the prospect of a sickly worker serving food without covering their face, especially during a pandemic.

One commentator replied: “These are the types of American workers who spread illness when they come to work sick and serve food to patrons. Incredibly irresponsible to announce this to the internet.”

The restaurant was also review-bombed online, receiving multiple one star critiques.

One read: “You allow your sick employees to come in because you don’t have the staff to supplement someone being out? Yuck.”

Another said: “Wouldn’t waste a single moment there. Sick workers not masking and serving. Requested immediate Health Board review.”

Responding to the criticism, a representative for Inside the Five Brewing told local television station WTOL-TV : “This is so disappointing. Last week we sent a message to our staff saying that they should report any symptoms, big or small, to a manager, and not come to work.

“And no one should just assume it’s allergies or a cold. Although our server’s intentions were good, it was not the right decision and it will be addressed.

“Yes, we are short-staffed, but would close our doors before we put anyone at risk. The employee has since been sent home.”

The establishment appears to have deleted its accounts on both Twitter and Facebook, leading Mandel to accuse the company of “giving into the woke mob”.

In a follow-up tweet, Mandel wrote: “Hey @InsideTheFive, instead of giving into the woke mob, how bout having your employee’s back and giving her a raise.

“While so many people are getting paid to sit home and do nothing, Brianne muscled through feeling under the weather and came to WORK.”

indy100 has contacted Inside The Five Brewing for comment.

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