A Tory MP is campaigning for every household to get a photo of the Queen

<p>Joy Morrissey wants everyone to be as happy as she is when presented with a portrait of the Queen</p>

Joy Morrissey wants everyone to be as happy as she is when presented with a portrait of the Queen


A Tory MP is campaigning for everyone to get a photo of the Queen for their houses and no, it is not 1 April.

Joy Morrissey, who represents Beaconsfield, said she would be writing to the Prime Minister for his support for the “wonderful, patriotic and unifying campaign for our country”.

People go into politics for a lot of reasons. Some seek to climb the ladder to power and implement their ideological vision on the country. Others want to represent the constituencies they know and love and make things better for local people.

It’s not unusual to have certain interests and policies that they prioritise above others in politics. But that Morrissey stepped into Parliament when elected in 2019 and thought: “Ah, great. Now I can start fighting for every household in the UK to get a photo of the Queen!” This is a deeply strange and suspicious energy.

And it is not the first time the American-born MP has gone on about how much she loves Britain and the Queen.

Earlier this month, she revealed she has ordered “another” snap of Her Majesty for her office, making everyone wonder how many she had already.

Her favourite (probably) part of becoming an MP was signing an oath of allegiance to the Queen:

And in 2016 she lurked outside Parliament, trying to spot her:

On her website, she recently posted a blog post entitled “A tribute to Her Majesty” where she slammed “woke culture” for apparently attacking the Queen. She wrote:

“If like me, you are someone who respects The Queen for her years of unwavering selfless service, devotion and public duty to Britain and the Commonwealth and who sees the endless moaning and personal accounts of victimisation and perceived cultural offence, proclaimed by very small but vocal numbers of self-aggrandising individuals and elites, as an attack on British values and culture then you are not alone. Welcome to the silent majority.”


Fine, one more example. We’ll just leave this here:

Unfortunately for Morrissey, she may have failed to tap into the national mood with this campaign as a prompt YouGov survey quickly found that only 4 per cent of people have an image of the Queen displayed in their home.

A further 4 per cent said they didn’t know whether they did or not which is... pretty weird if you think about it, but let’s stay on track. Tories were slightly more likely to have a pic of Liz on their wall - 7 per cent did - but still, the evidence is overwhelming: people don’t have posters of the Queen in their house. Does that mean they desperately want a photo but are unable to access a printer or something? Doubtful.

And reacting to her Queens For All call, people united as one to roast the MP:

A few people took photos of stamps to show that they carried the Queen whenever they post a letter:

Still, the British Monarchists Society were happy:

Morrissey will likely also garner the support of the flag-waving brigade, including the MP who wants to shove a flag in every school in the UK, and the MPs who are currently throwing their weight behind a campaign for children to sing a creepy ditty about how great Britain is this Friday.

The Tory party are almost becoming post-ironic. Perhaps Morrissey is angling for the Queen to bestow some sort of honours upon her, to which we say - nobody likes a teacher’s pet.

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