Julia Hartley-Brewer slammed for calling Extinction Rebellion a 'quasi-religious death cult'

One would think that anyone with a modicum of shame would choose not to go on a TV show where you're so unwanted that there are whole trending hashtags to keep you away.

Not so for Julia Hartley-Brewer, who rocked up to her panellist gig on Question Time yesterday seemingly determined to prove the haters, errr... right.

In response to Extinction Rebellion spokesperson Rupert Read, Hartley-Brewer went on a rant about how climate activists want to "take us back to a pre-industrial age" with "state-rationed meat" and "no central heating".

What we've got with Extinction Rebellion ... is to all intents and purposes a quasi-religious death cult.

Despite the hilarious hyperbole, her absurd comments did not go down well

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