Meet Doodlebug.

Yes, he's a baby kangaroo. Yes, his best friend is a teddy bear. Yes, his name is Doodlebug.

We'll just give you a moment to let that sink in.

The 15-month-old eastern grey kangaroo (mistakenly identified as a wallaby in the tweet) was found abandoned last year in New South Wales, Australia.

Tim Beshara, who posted the photo, told The Huffington Post his mother looks after Doodlebug as part of her work at a wildlife rescue organisation, and he treats the teddy bear in the same way any toddler would: as a playmate for kicking practice, a little spoon for naps, and all round best friend.

Beshara said he couldn't believe how quickly his post had gone viral:

I have loved seeing the comments of how the photo has cheered people up when they are having a bad day... Nature can bring so much joy to people if only we pay attention to it.

Doodlebug is being "soft-released" into the wild, which means that he comes back to the wildlife centre for food occasionally. Let's hope he takes his bear with him on his adventures.

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