Just Stop Oil protester glues himself to LBC microphone

Just Stop Oil protester glues himself to LBC microphone
Just Stop Oil protester glues himself to LBC microphone

A Just Stop Oil protester glued himself to an LBC microphone, sparking drama in the studio.

In a conversation with presenter Tom Swarbrick, Just Stop Oil spokesperson Nathan McGovern slammed the channel for "misinformation" while accusing the oil industry of "murder" and calling for a detransition away from fossil fuels.

"You have a massive platform and a microphone that you can use to tell people about the situation we are in and you are not using it," he said while getting out some glue and squeezing it onto his hand.

Grabbing the microphone to glue himself to it, he added: "Someone like me, an ordinary person who is fighting for their future is having to take the microphone in a situation like this and having to tell your viewers the situation that we are in because people like you do not."

It comes after 200 activists from Just Stop Oil have been arrested after obstructing access to oil and gas terminals across England, demanding an end to new oil and gas projects.

Swarbrick had to change studios to continue his show after telling the audience what was going on.

"You are not going to get ordinary people to join you," Swarbrick said, criticising him for his actions.

After the drama, Just Stop Oil posted a statement on social media.

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"Every new oil and gas facility tightens the noose around the necks of our young people.

"If the media will not communicate their predicament they will have no choice but to take the microphone."

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