Just Stop Oil calls on people to ‘use Comic Sans in civil resistance’ after graphic designer arrested

Just Stop Oil calls on people to ‘use Comic Sans in civil resistance’ after graphic designer arrested

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Just Stop Oil

Just Stop Oil, the protest group calling for an end to new oil and gas licences, has resorted to using the controversial typeface Comic Sans after its graphic designer was reportedly remanded in custody for 28 days following a slow march last Wednesday.

Sam Griffiths, 48, from Walthamstow, was charged with breaching section 7 of the Public Order Act, which became law this year.

The section in question concerning the offence of “interference with use or operation of key national infrastructure” such as roads, rail or airport infrastructure.

Those found guilty of this offence face a fine or a sentence of up to six months in the magistrates’ court, or up to a year in prison in the crown court.

As an ‘either-way’ offence, Sam had the option to choose whether to be tried by a magistrate or a jury, opting for the latter, and is set to appear in court next on 30 November.

In a message published by Just Stop Oil on Thursday, Sam wrote: “I am shocked at how willing the police and the courts are to embrace this authoritarian and repressive legislation. Where is their moral backbone? Who are they serving, and who do they protect?

“It’s time for the police to investigate and prosecute the real climate criminals in government, banking, insurance, fossil fuel companies and the media. They are upholding the status quo, promoting new oil and gas, despite knowing what it will lead to.

“This makes them guilty of genocide by oblique intent.”

The Metropolitan Police has said since Just Stop Oil began its “autumn action” on 30 October, almost 220 arrests have been made, with close to 100 activists being charged.

In the case of Sam, though, his remand as a graphic designer means the campaign group is in a spot of bother, using the hashtag #ComicSansUntilAFreeSam to claim the 48-year-old father “didn’t leave instructions”.

“Without Sam our designs are terrible,” the group wrote in a poorly designed graphic in Microsoft Paint.

They go further in an online petition calling for Sam’s release from Wandsworth Prison, saying: “This is outrageous. Not just because the UK shouldn’t be imprisoning people for protesting, but because Sam has been helping out with our graphic design and we really miss him.

“He’s a brilliant person – friendly, fun and talented. It’s so wrong that Sam and all those who have been imprisoned with him are being silenced and detained.

“So please, sign the petition and spread the word. Or we will start using Comic Sans.”

At the time of writing, the petition has 113 signatures.

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