In the run up to the EU referendum, we all remember Brexiteers telling us about the “sunlit uplands” of life after the EU.

Whichever side you voted for in the referendum, we can all agree Brexit is a lot more complicated than most people thought. A lot of promises that were made during the campaign and since the vote have absolutely zero chance of happening in the real world.

With the UK hurtling towards a no-deal Brexit, Tory MP David Gauke was given a unicorn toy as a gift after he compared a “managed no-deal” Brexit scenario to a “unicorn that needs to be slaughtered”.

The Tory MP tweeted a photograph of himself with a bemused look as he held the unicorn. It was captioned:

An unexpected Christmas gift #SecretSanta.

Given that Brexit is frequently described as "a horse with a cone stuck on its head pretending to be a unicorn", people on Twitter found the gift hilarious.

H/T: New European

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