As the race to take on Trump in the 2020 election heats up, gun safety continues to be a major issue in the Democratic primary.

After mass shootings in Drayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas shocked the world, Democratic candidates have been setting out their vision for stopping these horrific events from taking place.

California senator Kamala Harris appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show, where she asked students how many of them had participated in an active shooter drill in school.

When the camera panned to the audience, almost the entire audience put their hands up.

Harris said:

It terrorises you. It’s traumatising. I don’t want any student to have to sit in class and have to worry about who’s going to come banging through the door, carrying some kind of weapon.

Harris then pledged to ban assault weapons and introduce background checks via executive order in her first 100 days if she becomes president, saying:

I’m done.

People on social media sent messages of support for Harris's policy, with many sharing their experience of live shooter drills.

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