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Labour MP and arch-Brexiteer Kate Hoey has announced that she won't be standing for re-election as a member for Vauxhall, and people don't seem to be bothered by the news at all.

In 2016, she caused controversy within her party as a leading pro-Brexit figure, campaigning alongside Nigel Farage.

In 2015, Ms Hoey said she'd not run again after the general election, however, she then stood when the 2017 snap election was called.

In 2018, she lost a no-confidence vote in her local party, which is in a staunchly Remain constituency, reports the BBC.

Taking to Twitter to announce the news, she shared a letter with her constituents, in which she said:

I will, of course, continue every single day to give all my help to constituents in Vauxhall and campaign for policies that make life better for residents

Unfortunately for her, she was met with a wave of people who were rather happy about her imminent departure.

One couldn't contain their excitement.

Well, Kate, we're sure your old friend Nigel will be able to help you out...

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