Katy Perry leaves nation speechless when asked to 'impersonate' EastEnders characters on live TV

Katy Perry has many skills: singing, judging talent shows, and writing problematic lyrics to name a few.

But now she’s added an extremely unexpected skill to that list: impersonations of EastEnders characters.

Sorry, what?

Perry joined BBC’s The One Show this week to promote her new album, Smile. During the interview she was asked if she could recite some iconic lines from British soaps, and gladly accepted the challenge.

First up was the ever-iconic catchphrase of Queen Vic landlady Peggy Mitchell, played by Dame Barbara Windsor on EastEnders.

And to everyone’s surprise, it was as if Albert Square had been transported into their living room because Perry’s impression was… really good?

See for yourself:

It probably shouldn’t be a surprise that Perry’s British accent is quite good. After all, she was married to Russell Brand and has now been in a relationship with Orlando Bloom for several years.

But people were still very surprised and impressed.

Some people thought the bizarre nature of the clip proved lockdown really has gone on way too long.

Perhaps there’s an EastEnders cameo in Perry’s future. If things ever go back to normal, that is....

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