Kay Burley's eight most awkward interviews

Kay Burley's eight most awkward interviews

Kay Burley has been catching headlines again this week after Labour MP Dawn Butler asked her "what's wrong with you?!" during an interview about Jeremy Corbyn.

But as you're probably aware, this is hardly the first time the combative Sky News presenter has raised a few eyebrows for her unique lines of questioning.

Like the time she asked the wife of the Suffolk Strangler - a man who had murdered five women in the space of six weeks - "do you think if you'd have had a better sex life, he wouldn't have done this..?"

Or when she made Peter Andre cry on live TV

Or the time she was forced to take an ad break while being heckled

Then there was that clash with her LBC counterpart James O'Brien

And the time she was schooled by Labour MP Chris Bryant on how to interview

Then being asked to apologise by him

When a representative from Cage stormed off air

And finally...

While not an interview per se, Burley mistaking Joe Biden's Ash Wednesday forehead marking for him having "walked into a door" was also quite bad...

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