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Sky News presenter Kay Burley has sent the internet into meltdown with her bizarre response to a Twitter troll.

It all started when Burley shared a link to an Instagram post about her paragliding trip with the caption “Jumping off a mountain today. Quite literally…”

In response, a man rudely commented “Without a harness? We hope!”, prompting Burley to hit back with a tweet that has to be seen to be believed…



So at the very least, it looks like she’s warning the troll that her 6 foot son and his mates are going to beat him up.

As for the emoji, it would be unfair for us to make assumptions about what she meant… so we’ll just let other people do that for us!

We should all pray for Burley’s son and his mates right now, who probably just wanted to enjoy the sun today.

Burley eventually deleted the tweet about 6 hours or so after it was first noticed so you can think of this article as an act of public service by archiving it.

We will never forget.

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