Donald Trump's press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany has claimed that the president has said there should be "no racism in our policing, economic, or schooling systems."

During an appearance on Fox News on Tuesday, McEnany added that Trump "believes that most police officers are good and hard-working people!."

The president, flanked by police officers, signed a modest executive order at the White House on Tuesday which would encourage better police practices and ban restraints like a choke hold unless officers believed their lives were in danger. He also claimed that cases of police brutality were very low and that the police were otherwise "trustworthy". The president also batted away the calls to defund the police saying:

Americans know the truth: without police, there is chaos. Without law, there is anarchy. And without safety, there is catastrophe. Reducing crime and raising standards are not opposite goals.

McEnany also revealed that despite what the president would go on to say that he was 'devastated' to hear the stories from families who have lost loved ones to police brutality. Incidentally these families were not present at the White House.

Given that the president's mood seemed to have changed pretty quickly, many doubted if the Trump was as devastated as McEnany claimed he was.

McEnany should have probably taken a long hard look at herself before she claimed that the president was trying to stamp out racism. Not only does her boss have a long history of saying completely unacceptable things, McEnany is hardly innocent herself.

To provide a few examples here she is making a joke about Barack Obama's disputed country of birth by saying members of his family still live in a hut in Kenya.

In 2016, she also claimed that Muslims were responsible for a 'genocide' against Christians in Iraq.

In a 2017 article for The Hill, shortly after the London Bridge terror attack, McEnany claimed that 'political correctness' in the west had read to a rise in 'radical Islamic extremism.'

A toxic and deadly political correctness has enveloped Western Europe and enabled an unending wave of terrorist attacks. Refusing to utter the words 'radical Islamic extremism,' opening the door to millions of half-vetted refugees and decrying the concepts of borders and assimilation have resulted in a culture in crisis – a culture without democratic, freedom-loving identity and constantly under murderous attack from cancers within.

So if Trump and McEnany want there to be no racism within American institutions they should probably address their own bigotry first.

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