Keir Starmer looked physically pained as he listened to Boris Johnson's response to his question about testing during Prime Minister's Questions.

The Labour leader had finally had enough.

Starmer screwed up his face as Johnson said:

Mr Speaker, I note that [Starmer] won't take back his criticism and his attack on NHS test and trace and I regret that. I gave him the opportunity, Mr Speaker, to withdraw his verdict that it was on the verge of collapse. It is not. They're doing a heroic job.

Johnson side-stepped Starmer's question about why some people are being suggested coronavirus testing centres hundreds of miles away from where they live by the government's website, instead accusing him of "attacking" the test and trace system and the NHS workers tasked with carrying it out.

Starmer indeed said that the test and trace system is on the verge of collapse, but blamed a lack of "good governance" and "confused" messaging for this, not the NHS.

As Starmer explained during PMQs, there are several ongoing issues with testing. Some people are being encouraged to travel unreasonable distances to access tests, while others are being told that no home test kits are available. But Johnson appeared unwilling to engage with this, instead resorting to "waffle" and "bluster".

People instantly began sharing Starmer's 'over it' face.

He was "as baffled as the rest of us". Many accused the PM of being "incompetent" and "disastrous" at the weekly parliamentary duel.

Some people even compared him to a beleaguered parent or teacher dealing with an unruly child.

Or an annoyed email correspondent.

Starmer is known for his "forensic" style of questioning during PMQs. Johnson is not exactly known for providing coherent, logical answers.

After yet another attempt at deflection this week, it seems that Starmer has finally had enough.

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