Keir Starmer subtly trolls Dominic Cummings by posing with a can of 'Barnard Castle Eye Test' beer

Labour leader Keir Starmer took a very subtle dig at Dominic Cummings and Boris Johnson on Monday when he posed with a beer that had been named after the Tory advisers infamous trip to Barnard Castle during lockdown.

As pubs and restaurants reopened across England with social distancing measures in place, leading to some unruly scenes, Starmer visited a Brewdog pub (the craft beer equivalent of Wetherspoons) in Tower Hill, London, thanking the company that has helped make hand santiser during the pandemic.

What Starmer didn't mention in that tweet was that he posed for a picture with a new beer that Brewdog has just released called 'Barnard Castle Eye Test'

You will hardly need reminding of the fiasco that Cummings caused when he claimed that he drove to Barnard Castle in Durham on his wife's birthday to test his eyes after having coronavirus.

Needless to say people couldn't get enough of this casual bit of trolling by the Labour leader.

No comment on the lack of social distancing in that clip but if the government say that it's ok for everyone to go to the pub despite there being no end in sight to the pandemic then public might as well be able to mock them while enjoying a nice beverage.

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