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Writer, broadcaster and current host of GQ's political webshow, Keith Olbermann has a simple message for the rest of the world:

It's time for Donald Trump to resign as president.

In one of his recent videos for The Resistance, produced for GQ, Olbermann reasons:

Admittedly, it's been an interesting couple of days. But for any patriotic American capable of adding two and two and not getting one-and-a-half million, this is enough.

He goes on to address Trump voters directly - arguing that there is no need to argue over political policy, the size of inauguration crowds or the women's marches - simply that they should see by now "This man is not of sound mind".

On the subject of lies told by his administration he remarks:

Because like someone who's strung out on drugs, or somebody who's living in a complete dream like state caused by profound, pulsating narcissism - he will not believe that the outcome of any of his actions could be failure or disaster or even something that could be harmful to himself.

He goes on to discuss, what he believes, is Trump's altered state of mind, using the example of Trump's recent visit to the CIA to give a speech. It was there that Trump explained he has an 'running war with the media'.

He does not have a 'running war with the media', he has a running war with reality.

Because reality is what he says it is. 

You may have noticed this before you voted for him and hoped it was going to go away when he took over. 

But it isn't going away. It's getting worse. 

He's crazy. 

He concludes by saying simply, that this is not about policy, or marches of political alliances to the left or the right:

This is about a man not in his right mind. 

Who now has nuclear weapons.

Watch the whole video here:

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