Kids are testing whether banana skins are slippery... painfully find out they are

Picture: Twitter/Screengrab/@holyacian

Kids, being kids, are testing the age-old cartoon-proven theory that banana skins are slippery. They couldn't leave well enough alone.

Despite all the ACME warnings, the kids have decided to see for themselves.

It all started out with Jason Oakes, whose initial overacting is only trumped by his tremendous pratfall at the end of the clip.

And then tributes started coming in...

Now this thing has it's own hashtag - #Bananapeelchallenge.

If the emergency rooms see a spike in broken hips, I think we'll all know why.

The Mythbusters tested this so you didn't have to, for goodness sakes people!

They at least brought kneepads and a few hundred bananas.

Lesson learned: Banana peels really are slippy when trampled. Don't hurt yourself.

HT Buzzfeed

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