Kids trying to decipher 'management speak' will make you realise how cringe office lingo really is

If management jargon was limited to David Brent in The Office and Stuart Pearson in The Thick of It, the world would probably be a better place.

Unfortunately for most of us, it's inescapable - but kids' ears are blissfully ignorant of the officespeak most of us endure on a regular basis.

Education charity Teach First asked primary school children to have a go at figuring out what some phrases adults use in the office mean - and the results show just how nonsensical grown up jobs can be.

If you were thinking about a career change, these kids will definitely inspire you to make the move (or at least stop using these awful phrases):

'Square the Circle'

It's a bit complicated. Like a hexagon with a triangle inside it.


You can't deliver a bull!

'Idea Shower'

It's like if I'm wearing lots of clothes and I like them all... and if the shower has drops, that's how many clothes I want to choose.

'Blue Sky Thinking'

Like...lots of plants growing. How will they grow if there are no seeds planted?

Anyway. The video is one half cringeworthy, and one half adorable - and you can watch it below:

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