In a bid to prove she doesn’t exist on milk and water alone, Kim Kardashian has taken fans on a tour of her fridge and it's the MTV Cribs kitchen appliance reveal you’ve been waiting for.

People have a lot of thoughts... namely about its obscene size.

Of course the second-richest Kardashian has a fro-yo machine ready for when cravings call, but how many sprinkle toppings does a woman need?

TWENTY. That’s how many.

Hats off to the newly plant-based Kardashian for ditching plastic packaging, choosing instead to store grains and cereals in glass jars.

But what’s that we see...? Shrink-wrapped cucumbers and strawberries in plastic punnets? You dropped the ball there Kim.

Apparently the green-fingered fam plan to plant an orchard to grow their own. Kim down the allotment on a Sunday afternoon is actually so relatable.

The parallels with our own lives are clear.

At least we can take comfort in the fact that even Queen Kim has a bag of emergency oven chips for when its all a bit much.

Is it a zombie apocalypse bunker, or your local Tesco Express? You decide.

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