Kim Kardashian's fans are noticing her 'third hand' after bizarre Photoshop fail
Twitter / KimKardashian

Kim Kardashian posted a photo with an epic Photoshop fail – unless she suddenly has three hands now.

The 39-year-old reality TV star took to social media to share two pics from a snakeskin-inspired photoshoot.

It features the mother of four posing in a snake print bikini, with matching nails and snakeskin effect through her hair.

Unfortunately, in the photo of her posing with her back to the camera and her hands on the wall, there’s also a snake print nail peeking through the waves of her hair:

After clocking the Photoshop fail, people began commenting on the star’s Instagram post and calling it out. One wrote:

Ma'am why's there a finger in your hair omg

While another commented:

Why [are] there fingers in your hair, you got three arms?

Kim Kardashian has yet to publicly comment on the third hand.

Believe it or not, it’s not the first hand controversy for the reality TV star, after she recently posted a video tutorial of her applying lip gloss.

The problem was that her face was a lot darker than her hand.

As a caption to her Instagram story, she wrote:

Don’t judge me for my pale hand.

But that’s exactly what people did, taking to social media to call out the star for “blackfishing” – the act of presenting yourself as black when you’re not:

Then the memes rolled in:

We’ve gotta *hand* it to you, Kim – we don’t think you’ve got them eating out of the palm of your hands on this one.

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