It looks very like Kim Kardashian just hinted she didn't vote for Kanye West

Louis Staples
Wednesday 04 November 2020 01:00

Kim Kardashian’s political history is a little bit complicated.

She voted for president Obama then Hillary Clinton. But then she became quite pally with president Trump when she worked with him on criminal justice reform.

And in a recent interview, Kim was careful not to say anything negative about Trump.

Her political allegiances were further complicated by the small factor that her husband Kanye West (a former Trump supporter) announced he was running for president.

So you’d think that when it came to the decision of who to back in the divisive 2020 election, the decision to back Kanye would be an easy one. Right?

Well, it might not be that simple. Kim’s followers think she might have just given a hint that she backed Biden (or at least wanted other people to).

She liked a tweet which says “Vote for Biden if you a real one”.

And she also retweeted Kamala Harris, Democrat Joe Biden’s running mate.

So fans are obviously speculating whether Kardashian decided not to support her husband’s bid at the ballot box. Many demanded to know how she voted, but she's not yet confirmed either way.

Though whether she voted for West or not, as US democracy hangs in the balance, his campaign can definitely be blamed for making an already bizarre election even more strange.