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This story of one man's simple and selfless act of kindness has gone viral on Twitter, but not for the right reasons. The sad tale highlights just how much state services are failing the needy, vulnerable and homeless.

James Gleave, who works for the company Transport Futures, took to Twitter to describe something that happened to him at a train station, that he thinks will 'no doubt stick' with him forever.

When waiting for his connecting train on a platform at Milton Keynes, he came across a little old lady with bags, who looked as if she was homeless, visibly shaking and was in need of some help.

When he got talking to her, he realised that she was in desperate need of help, so he tried to call all the local services that he thought would be on hand to assist a homeless person. Amazingly, not a single one was able to help.

Here is his story.

The tweet has now had over 41,000 likes and 19,000 retweets, proving how powerful a simple act of kindness can really be.

He continued:

The woman revealed her life story to James, who explained that she'd had a terrible time.

The woman reportedly attempted to get help from the Job Centre and the Council, but neither could help.

According to the story, she ended up homeless sleeping on the streets, and without access to her medicine.

The woman appeared broken, and without anywhere to turn.

The man decided to try and help the old woman.

Sadly, his attempts to get the woman help were to no avail, and everywhere he turned, he reportedly hit a brick wall.

Reflecting upon the experience, Gleave said it brought many things home to him about the realities of our state services for the needy.

Finally, he implored people to just ask someone if they think they're in need, or look like they could do with some help.

He finished by referring to the resignation of Boris Johnson, and saying that he's more interested in the reality that people still have to go through this in Britain in 2018.

Many Twitter users were quick to praise his kindness.

While others were shocked at the state of our state services, and the government's austerity.

Others shared their acts of kindness, in response to this one.

indy100 has reached out to James Gleave for comment.

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