This stranger's act of kindness on a flight is going viral


We’ve all been there. You’ve settled in for a long-haul flight with your snacks and your film, but you can hear the wails of a nearby child despite the volume on your headphones being turned up to the max. It’s undeniably annoying.

But it’s also worth remembering that these situations are also incredibly stressful for frazzled parents, plenty of whom are trying to juggle their own flight plans with the added responsibility of childcare.

Recently, one flight passenger stepped outside of his own annoyance to help a mother of two calm down her crying children.

Speaking to Insider, 34-year-old Jessica Rudeen explained that she hadn’t had time to feed her 4-month-old baby due to airport security. The situation escalated on the plane as her older, 3-year-old child then began screaming due to a combination of fear and nerves.

It was at that point that 51-year-old Todd Walker stepped in, asking if he could hold Rudeen’s baby while the mother strapped in her older child.

This sparked a connection which grew throughout the flight – within just a few hours, Rudeen said Walker was like her daughter’s "best friend".

She later shared a lengthy post on Facebook detailing her gratitude and hoping to find the kind stranger.

The post has since gone viral, enabling Rudeen to track down Walker and his wife.

The two families are now planning to connect at some point in the near future, demonstrating just how much good can come one from one kind gesture.


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