King admits ‘suspense is killing me’ in trailer for The Repair Shop

King admits ‘suspense is killing me’ in trailer for The Repair Shop
The King, then Prince of Wales, and Jay Blades who will appear in a special episode of The Repair Shop as part of the BBC’s centenary celebrations (Ian West/BBC/Ricochet Ltd)
PA Media - Ian West/BBC/Ricochet Ltd

The King admits “the suspense is killing me” during the trailer for a special edition of BBC One show The Repair Shop.

The teaser sees Jay Blades and the team visit Dumfries House in Scotland for a one-off episode marking the broadcaster’s centenary.

In The Repair Shop: A Royal Visit, the then Prince of Wales needs help with an 18th-century bracket clock and a piece made for Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee by British ceramics maker Wemyss Ware.

Before the results are unveiled, he asks the crew: “Have you sorted this? The suspense is killing me.”

The monarch, 73, also meets students from the Prince’s Foundation Building Craft Programme – a training initiative that teaches traditional skills such as blacksmithing, stonemasonry and wood carving.

The King also says during the preview: “Apprenticeships are vital. I see the difference we can make.”

Blades, 52, said: “You’ve got someone from a council estate and someone from a royal estate that have the same interests about apprenticeships and heritage crafts, and it is unbelievable to see that two people from so far apart, from different ends of the spectrum, actually have the same interests.”

Blades and ceramics expert Kirsten Ramsay, horologist Steve Fletcher and furniture restorer, Will Kirk, will repair the King’s clock and ceramics.

The monarch also lends Prince’s Foundation graduate Jeremy Cash to the Repair Shop to work with metalwork expert Dom Chinea on a third item described as a fire set in the shape of a soldier with a poignant story behind its existence.

The Repair Shop: A Royal Visit will air Wednesday at 8pm on BBC One.

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