Mexico border wall: Secretary for Homeland Security repeatedly says 'we need wall' during house hearing

The Marvel superhero The Incredible Hulk is a raging green monster who is capable of mass destruction.

Kirstjen Nielsen, the United States secretary of homeland security, does not possess those characteristics (well, maybe the last one) but she does share the brute's way with words.

During a heated House Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday, the 46-year-old was grilled by lawmakers on immigration and border security as tensions grow between Democrats and Republicans about Trump's proposed wall.

Nielsen didn't exactly cover herself in glory during this hearing as she struggled with some fairly rudimentary questions, which should have been routine for someone in her position.

One area where she stumbled was when she was asked about Trump's threats to shut down the government unless he gets the funds he needs in order to build the wall, which he promised to his supporters during the election campaign.

At one point she said to Rep. Tom Marino:

From Congress, I would ask for wall - we need wall.

Less than an hour later, she then said the same thing again.

I tell him where we need wall.

As you can see, this isn't a million miles away from the Hulk shouting "Hulk mad, Hulk smash".

Yet in a bizarre turn of events, the DHS appears to have completely eradicated the word 'the' from their vocabulary in regards to wall altogether.

In a DHS press release sent to Washington Post journalist Hamza Shaban on 13 December, the wall was now referred to as just 'wall'. Here is a brief extract:

DHS is committed to building wall and building wall quickly. We are not replacing short, outdated and ineffective wall with similar wall. Instead, under this president, we are building a wall that is 30-feet high.

Quite why 'wall' is now a thing that the DHS is insisting upon is a little beyond us, but this is what the world is like now. Trying to explain anything that is going on is basically a redundant and useless exercise.

Just ride the wave folks. Hopefully, one day, we'll make it over 'wall'.

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