Kylie Jenner makes in two hours what average US workers make in a year

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You've probably already realised that the Kardashian and Jenner families are very rich.

But a recent report puts the stark contrast between their earnings and those of the average American worker into perspective.

According to the US Bureau of Labor's statistics from the second quarter of 2018, the average US worker makes $45,552 a year . Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, makes that amount in a little more than two hours.

Jenner made $166,500,000 between June 2017 and June 2018, according to Forbes.

Broken down, that comes out to $19,007 an hour, which means Jenner makes $45,552 — the current median US salary — in just 2.38 hours.

The businesswoman has made most of her fortune from her cosmetics company, Kylie Cosmetics , but she also stars alongside her family in reality series "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" and brings in millions promoting products on social media.

It would take the average American worker 10 years to make what Jenner earns in one day.

An interactive tool created by women's apparel company I Saw It First revealed that if you make the median US salary, it would take you 10 years to make what Jenner makes in a single day.

The tool also points out that a worker making the median salary would need to work for 3,655 years to make what Jenner earns in one year.

If you want to see how you stack up to Jenner and other stars including Kim Kardashian West, Ed Sheeran, Drake, and Beyoncé, you can plug in your salary to see how long it would take them to earn your salary and how long it would take you to earn theirs.

Last month, Forbes revealed that Kylie Jenner was worth $900 million,putting her on track to become one of the youngest billionaires ever. The question of whether she is actually "self-made," as Forbes asserted, remains controversial.

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