Kylie Jenner demands Kim Kardashian delete throwback photo 'immediately'

Kylie Jenner demands Kim Kardashian delete throwback photo 'immediately'

Everyone’s experienced a sinking feeling after seeing the ‘you’ve been tagged' notification.

Never before in history have we had such control over our own images – and never such fear at losing it.

Which is maybe why Kylie Jenner reacted so strongly when her sister, Kim Kardashian, uploaded a sweet throwback photo on Saturday.

The pair are pictured at dinner with other sisters Khloe and Kendall, with the snap clearly taken several years ago, when Kylie was a teenager.

“Babies at Benihana,” Kim captioned the photo.

However, Kylie wasn’t as thrilled at the memory, commenting “Delete this immediately”.

Her sister decided to troll her, replying “Shall I Diddy crop you out?”

She was referencing an infamous Met Gala moment when Kylie and Kendall were cropped out of a picture uploaded by Sean Combs, aka hip hop mogul Diddy, to Instagram.

But Kylie seemed unfazed by the drag, merely responding with “Absolutely”.

On the whole, people watched the interaction thought it was just some good-natured joking between the sisters.

And it just goes to show: it doesn’t matter how rich you are; photos of your 13 year-old self are always unwelcome.

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