In recent days Westminster has finally turned its attention to Scotland as delegations of MPs followed their leaders to champion the Union after polls suggested voters were on the brink of backing independence.

Shadow cabinet member and Scottish MP Jim Murphy has previously spoken out about the intimidation the 'no' campaign has faced while campaigning.

A delegation of 104 MPs and MEPs, led by leader Ed Miliband and including Lord Prescott, Yvette Cooper, Jack Straw, Peter Hain and Gordon Brown, visited Glasgow today for a rally that ended at the Donald Dewar statue.

But Better Together campaigners faced a different type of distraction as an independence supporter greeted them by blasting the Imperial March from Star Wars at them, for a full ten minutes.

In the video the man with the megaphone and Star Wars soundtrack can be heard to remark: "Say hello to your imperial masters... People of Glasgow your imperial masters have arrived!"

Labour MPs, including Ivan Lewis, were a bit perplexed.

i100 has contacted the YouTube account which uploaded the video but according to BuzzFeed, the man behind the Star Wars-related political protest was Matt Lygate, who followed Labour politicians around in a rickshaw.

He told BuzzFeed: "The rebel alliance must pounce upon every opportunity it finds… When they send in the storm troopers to Glasgow, we will always be here to give them a warm welcome."

When not being drowned out by John Williams, Mr Miliband managed to tell the crowds: "I am proud to stand here today with colleagues from the Labour movement from across the United Kingdom.

"There is no better place than by the statue of Donald Dewar, who 17 years ago helped win the devolution referendum."

Voters in Scotland go to the polls in one week.

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