Larry David absolutely did not hold it together on SNL

Saturday Night Live/ YouTube

The classic Saturday Night Live break in character has befallen all the biggest stars.

Most recently, Ryan Gosling cracked up and couldn't hold it together during a hilarious sketch

Now Larry David might have topped the Hollywood actor by failing to keep it together and openly laughing during a really weird segment.

As the creator of Seinfeld and the star of Curb Your Enthusiasm Larry would probably be used to improv comedy by now.

In the sketch he plays a flamboyant, fast-talking man who has just gotten married to an influential entertainer on the gay nightclub scene.

As the segment begins to draw to a conclusion the 70-year-old couldn't contain it anymore and laughed all the way through the rest of the sketch.

Watch the entire thing below.

Even Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong were struggling to keep it together.

We have to admit that this was:

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