A Republican has been roasted after she tried to peddle a Covid conspiracy theory through the power of anagrams.

Posting on Twitter, Lavern Spicer – who ran for Congress in 2020 – sounded the alarm that delta and omicron rearranged make the words “media control” - and our apparent powers are news to us too.

She said:

It is not the first time conspiracy theorists have harnessed the power of anagrams to make the point that all is not as it seems. Recently, conspiracy theorists have been incensed by the fact that rearranging the letters omicron B makes the words “no Crimbo”. Coincidence? Almost certainly.

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In other word play news, poo lady Gillian McKeith, who agreed to drop her former “Dr” title in 2007 after her academic credentials were called into question, tweeted a bizarre acrostic this summer reading: “Certificate Of Vaccination I D,” adding: “Truth is always in plain sight,” suggesting that Covid is a hoax to get people doubled jabbed.

Meanwhile, Spicer was one of the Republicans who did a spit take about Big Bird getting jabbed.

Why are conspiracy theorists so obsessed with anagrams and poems and fictional characters?

Anyway, reacting to Spicer’s nonsense, people weren’t exactly taken in by her argument:

Oh dear. Doesn’t she know Lavern Spicer is an anagram for gullible crank?

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