Brexiteer who voted to take back control of British waters left baffled by new trade deal

Brexiteer who voted to take back control of British waters left baffled by new trade deal
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LBC host James O’Brien had a less than productive conversation with a Brexit voter who just couldn’t understand the new trade deal and its impact on fishing.

The call begins with the caller, named Simon, saying that he voted for Brexit so politicians could decide which trawlers can catch certain fish in our waters.

“Do you understand why that is impossible now?” O’Brien asks in response. When Simon doesn’t know how to answer, the LBC host says that it’s because “the massive majority of the fish we eat is caught by foreign fleets.”

However, the caller is firmly unconvinced and calls out the increased paperwork, which he claims is because the European Union is “finding it difficult to accept common terms”.

The point is the paperwork is for people that aren’t members of the single market or the customs union,” O’Brien replies. “The paperwork is an inevitable consequence of leaving the European Union.”

Still, the Brexit voter remains baffled and unable to understand why fishing is facing increased bureaucracy thanks to the trade deal.

The caller argues that the UK surely should have parity with EU members in trade, but O’Brien refutes by explaining that the “benefits of membership are confined to members”.

The conversation continues as Simon repeatedly interrupts O’Brien, while the radio host looks visibly fed up.

An exasperated O’Brien eventually gives upp, saying, “I’m genuinely trying to help although I’m increasingly worrying that you’re not genuinely in seek of helping understanding all of this.”

This comes after Brexit bureaucracy has effectively put the fishing industry at a standstill.

Meanwhile, Jacob Rees Mogg says fish are “happier” because they are “now British”.

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